Topics: Common bean, Controversies, The Dish Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: April 27, 2013
1. We were really busy at the restaurant tonight. I waited tables straight through from 3:30 to 11:30 I never sat down for even one break. 2. My cat had to go to the vet today. She cried and cried when the vet clipped her toenails, but then she was fine when they gave her a shot. 3. In the seventh grade every young boy goes out for football. To prove to himself and his parents that he is a man. 4. I didn’t like the movie, it was way too long.

5. The book we had to read for class was really long my professor doesn’t seem to understand that we have other classes to read for too. 6. Making up his mind quickly. Jim ordered two dozen red roses for his wife. Hoping she would accept his apology. 7. My favorite bands are all really loud, playing loud music is good for stress relief. 8. Every summer, Santa Fe holds the country’s oldest and largest open market for traditional Hispanic work, however, few people know how respected and valuable the artistry is. 9. Some artists sell small items such as silver jewelry and prayer books covered in buffalo hide other artists offer detailed altarpieces and Spanish colonial furniture. 10. Market visitors admire the colorful blankets Mr. Irwin Trujillo weaves to his own designs he rarely mentions that one of his blankets Part B:

Identify the comma splices in the following paragraph by placing CS next to the sentence; then, correct the sentence. If the sentence is correct, then place a C beside it.

(1) Do you want to start a violent argument? (2) You need not raise the traditionally inflammatory topics of politics, money, and religion, instead just mention chili. (3) For some Americans chiliis an epicurean dish; for others, it is a tasteless, plebeian, fattening concoction to be avoided at all costs. (4) Some hostesses proudly plan a dinner party around chili, others would consider it the worst sort of affront to serve chili to...
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