Run Charts

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Run Charts:

Run Charts is a tool for tracking results over a period of time. This can aid in identifying trends or other patterns that may be occurring. Advantages of run charts are ease of construction and interpretation.

For this case study, we came out with seven run charts according to their segments. From this run charts, it is easy for the Tip Top Markets to identify numbers of complaints made by their customers. Furthermore Tip Top Markets can clearly see either the complaints that they had is increasing or decreasing. By that, they can come out with the solution to overcome all complaints and evaluate their performance.

Figure 1.1Figure 1.2

[pic] [pic]

Figure 1.3Figure 1.4

[pic] [pic]

Figure 1.5Figure 1.6

[pic] [pic]

Figure 1.7Figure 1.8

[pic] [pic]

From the run charts, we conclude that most of the complaints come from the shortage or out of stock. There were 61 complaints were made on this as shown in the Figure 1.5. Out of 61 complaints, 36 complaints were made from June 1 until July 13 which is before changes were implemented and 25 complaints after changes implemented. The reason that leads to this problem to occurs because of poor in inventory systems and management. Tip Top Market may not updated their inventory daily, so that they did not recognize items that are out of stocks. Furthermore, they may not pay attention on products which have higher demands.

The second highest was made on store conditions or maintenance. From the Figure 1.6, total of 38 complaints were made and out of that 27 complaints were made before the implementation of changes and the remaining of 11 complaints were made after that. Complaints come because customers did not satisfy with the store conditions especially with air conditioning either it’s too warm or too cold. This can happen because they did not control...
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