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ACS Project Report Form

Australian Computer Society
Skills Assessment

1 July 2012

The ACS Project Report Form is required for all Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Applications

Information about the Areas of Knowledge
After studying the ACS Key Areas of Knowledge document, tick those areas of knowledge that you believe you have learned from your experience.

Please Note: None of the areas are mandatory. Applicants will be allowed an opportunity to address areas of knowledge they acquired through their experience.

Required Level of Knowledge Acquisition
You are required to demonstrate a clear comprehension of a number of the individual thematic modules within your chosen knowledge areas. You should also be able to demonstrate application in at least one of the units or modules which should be clearly supported by professional references included and the Project Reports submitted in section 4.

Please detail the relationship between the selected Areas of Knowledge above and what you have learned from the type of work and qualifications.

This section of RPL needs to be specific and detailed as to how and where you have learned the knowledge from.

This is one of the most important parts of the assessment and therefore ought to be comprehensive in its content and clarity.

It is important that you explain for each chosen area of knowledge:     (a) What you have learned,  
    (b) How you acquired the knowledge, and
    (c) Your experience in applying the knowledge in your working environment.

Please complete the following template.

Areas of Knowledge that you believe you have learned from your experience| [EXPANDABLE TYPING AREA]TR.Technology RESOURCES TR1. Hardware and software fundamentalsTR2. Data and information managementTR3. Networking TB.Technology Building TB1. ProgrammingTB2. Human-computer interactionTB3 & TB4.System development and acquisition SM. Services Management SM1. Service managementSM2. Security management OM. Outcomes Management OM1. Organisational and Management ConceptsOM2. Change management| A brief summary of how you have learnt the area of knowledge| [EXPANDABLE TYPING AREA]|

Evidence of applying claimed knowledge to a working situation| [EXPANDABLE TYPING AREA]|

Please submit certified verifiable statements from your employers to support your claims.

Declaration of Authorship

This declaration must be completed. Please tick to confirm the following:

 I am aware of the ACS regulations on plagiarism outlined in the ACS PASA Guidelines for Applicants.

 The Section 3 responses I am submitting are entirely my own work except where otherwise indicated.

 The above has not been submitted, either wholly or substantially, by any other applicant.

 I have clearly indicated the presence of quoted or paraphrased material and referenced all sources.

 I have acknowledged appropriately any assistance I have received.

 I have not sought assistance from any professional writing/editing agency.

 I agree to make available any electronic version of the work on request from the assessors should this be required in order to check for plagiarism.

Applicant’s signature: …………………………… Date: ………………………..

RPL Project Reports

A project report is a coherent written description of a project or engagement that provides you with the opportunity to show how you perform as an IT (Computing) Professional, and enables assessors to understand and question your thought processes and decisions. Each report is to relate to a significant project or work episode undertaken by the applicant during his or her professional career.

The purpose of these reports is to enable applicants to demonstrate their command and implementation of the areas of knowledge claimed in Sections 2 and 3 of your application.

Please note: Applicants are...
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