Physiology: Human Body and Word Limit

Topics: Human anatomy, Physiology, Human body Pages: 4 (800 words) Published: August 16, 2013
Your assignment now follows. Please read on.



(What you should do in this task)


1.Cellular metabolism
Hint: Review utilization of O2, production of CO2, H+, and ATP.

2.How the body achieves homeostasis of the internal fluid environment through excretion of waste products of metabolism. Hint: Relate this to lung and kidney functions.

3.The role of the endocrine system in cellular metabolism (Give 2 examples)

4.Give 2 examples of abnormal growth (Hint: overweight/obesity; underweight)

Assessment criteria:
To fulfill this learning outcome, use the following as your guide an do the tasks above. 1.Outline the main anatomical features of the human body
2.Know how body systems interact to ensure that the body functions and grows. Word limit:650. Do not exceed this limit by more than 10%

This part consists of LO2, LO3 and LO4

LO2: Understand the relationship between body functioning and relevant detailed anatomy and physiology

Discuss immediate and long-term bodily responses to exercise by the following body systems?
Musculo-skeletal system
Cardiovascular system
Respiratory system

Assessment criteria:
To fulfill this learning outcome, use the following as your guide, to do the task above. 1.Explain the normal bodily responses to exercise.
2.Discuss specific anatomical and physiological changes in the named tissues. 3.Explain how the body coordinates its internal activities. .
Merit criterion
1.Has identified immediate and long-term anatomical and physiological changes due to exercise in the body systems. Distinction Criteria
2.Has explained long-term physiological adaptation to exercise by skeletal muscles and the cardiovascular system. 3.Has written concisely with few grammar errors and has not exceeded the allocated word count. Has also given appropriate referencing....
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