Topics: Trigraph, Gh, Wave Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: May 1, 2014
It starts out rough at first, a struggle, fighting the thing that is ultimately supposed to help you, you’re blinded by a clear force of nature, and then, all of a sudden, everything becomes simple. You’re gliding on top of what once held you down; you’ve conquered your oppressor. You’re riding the “wave” of life, controlling everywhere you go, you’re on top of the world! But the only problem with being at the top of the world is that there is only one way left to go. Down. You can never tell what the “wave” might throw you next, maybe it will be something easy, or fun, some minor bump you can turn into the jump you’ve been waiting for so you can finally do that perfect 360, or maybe it’s a rogue set of waves from hell that end with you face down in the water, sore and in need of some serious chiropractic assistance. And we all get those rogue waves when we’re at our finest moment, but when that wave comes and knocks you over, the only thing you can do is get back up on it, time, and time again, and let the wave know that you will never let anything stop you from trying to do what you need to do. Qwer qq we qwe qwe qwe qw e f gtr wf wef w e rfw ef w e rf ert wr g wer f we rfw e fdw e fw ef w ef wef w ef rg we rg er g er ge rg er ge rg er ge rg er ge rg erg er g we fd qwer we rf wet rw rg wrg w re few r 23 r2 3r w ef we fw ef we f wef we f g3 rg er g3 gr54w egf w rg w rg r g 5 hg45 hwrg er hg er gtw rgf er hg erh er the he rg e rg e rg er h e th e rg tfe rg e rg e r erg w ref s a edfw efdsa d fs rg sd f h h h h h hh ergt er f wer fw er w ef we f wef wret yy y er t ertg e gf er g wre twe rw er wer wer we rw er we r w e r e r e re r ere r wer wer we r wer we rw er wer we rw er wer we r wer we rwe r wer we r wer we r wer we rwer we r qer qwerq werq wertflqwi hjli oj;p oawj ;o kj;lwerkw;elrkwe;rlk ;wlekr ;lwekr; lwke ;lwek r;lwek r;lwekr ;wlerk ;wlk ;lj ; lkjewlkrjwe;lkrjlwekjh lh lk jl kjl kwjerw er wer we rwe rwe r we r we r wer we r werwerwe rw er we...
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