Rose for Emily

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The Wonders of Why
In the short story, “A Rose For Emily” written by William Faulkner, Emily Grierson ultimately killed Homer for eternal love and the fact she needed a man to depend on since she did her whole life. Everyone has heard the crazy things that people do for love, but some boundaries are broken with ridiculous cases of death being the solution. For example, Romeo and Juliet had to go to the extreme of death for love, but in this short story by Faulkner, death forces Homer to have an early retirement and settle down with Emily. There are many reasons why Emily killed Homer, but for the most part she did it to not be lonely, to have someone to love her forever, and the fear that she would lose another man since her father recently passed away.

Emily had depended on her father her whole life. It seemed as if the moment he passed away she was in denial and could not accept that fact that he was dead. One example that shows Emily is claiming that her father is not dead is when Faulkner writes what happened when the women of the town go to visit Emily, “ The day after his death all the ladies prepared to… offer condolence and aid, as is our custom. Miss Emily met them at the door, dressed as usual and with no trace of grief on her face. She told them that her father was not dead.” (Faulkner 93). This quote clearly shows Emily cannot accept the fact that father is dead.

Homer is the man that comes into her life right after her dad passes away. This leads the reader to believe that once Ms. Emily gets somewhat attached to Homer that she will not be able to let him go for any reason. She kills homer before he has a chance to leave due to the fact of how crazily attached she is to any man in her life. The example proving Ms. Emily is the person who kills Homer is when Faulkner explains that Emily wants something lethal, “ ‘ I want some poison…’I want the best you have. I don’t care what kind’.” (Faulkner 94). She later claims that she wants poison, but...
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