5.04 Rose for Emily

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Eduardo Leon

Respond to the following in complete, well-developed sentences. 1. Upton Sinclair was called a "muckraker." How did Sinclair "muckrake" for social reform? 
uncovering the horrible working conditions for the people working in the meat industries. Americans later demanded for better working conditions. 2. Sinclair was convinced ".... through art one could cause change." What was established as a direct result of the public outcry from this novel? The pure food and drug act was established. 3. What did the author want to happen as a result of his novel? 
To open up the public eyes of the horrible working conditions for the people working in the meat industries and promote better working regulations. 4. How did the public react to his novel? 
the public was disgusted of the contaminated meat and many people stopped eating meat. 5. Upton Sinclair's The Jungle exposed filthy conditions in meat packing plants. The public was outraged and the government responded. In 1992 ABC-News did a similar story, this time in a supermarket. What did the ABC-News story find was happening in Food Lion stores? 
they were selling food that was rotten and cleans the odor with bleach. 6. Could Food Lion prove the findings were false? 
no they couldn’t. 7. What was the basis of Food Lion's lawsuit against ABC-News? 
The basis of Food Lion's lawsuit against ABC-News was that they were charged with fraud, trespassing, and breach of duty. 8. What was the jury's verdict? 
in the jury’s verdict they ruled against ABC news. 9. What was the jurors' rationale for the verdict? The jurors' rationale for the verdict was that Food Lion Lion food received twice the amount as compensation for wages paid to producers because the jurors' believed ABC didn't have to lie to get the information about Food Lion.

10. Do you believe journalists have a duty to be "watchdogs" for the public? Why or why not?

Journalists don’t have to be...
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