Rorschach vs. Tat

Topics: Personality psychology, Thematic Apperception Test, Rorschach test Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Similarities Between the Rorschach and TAT
It seems as if there aren’t nearly as many similarities as there are differences. From our text, we can see that both the Rorschach and the TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) are projective tests. Projective tests can be seen as a measure of someone’s personality and human functioning, where the goal is for people to project their personality unconsciously onto vague stimuli (University of Mary Washington, 2012). Both the Rorschach and the TAT are widely used as well as widely criticized, perhaps in part because they are difficult to standardize, score and interpret, which could partially be blamed on the vast number of answers respondents can give in various interpretations (Kaplan and Saccuzzo, 2009). Differences Between the Rorschach and TAT

Now we move on to the differences. While the Rorschach has mainly been rejected by the scientific community, the TAT has been more positively received by the scientific community (Kaplan and Saccuzzo, 2009). Why? This could be because the TAT is based on Murray’s (1938) theory of needs that includes 28 human needs not limited to affiliation, dominance sex and achievement, which in turn has led to a large number of scientific studies involving the TAT. Compare this to the Rorschach, which isn’t based on any theory at all. While the Rorschach gained its popularity in part because of extravagant claims on its utility - which could have been bolstered on its blind analysis component, where the examiner remarkably doesn’t need to know a client’s personal or medical history – creators of the TAT were more conservative about the test as well as being more scientific. Other claims about the Rorschach included that it was purely created for clinical use and was a diagnostic tool, while TAT creators saw the test not solely as a diagnostic tool and said it could be for non-clinical uses as well. (Kaplan and Saccuzzo, 2009) Examples of Use

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