Romulus Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 Analysis
Overview: The final chapter starts with Romulus experiencing internal pain. After being dismissed by many local doctors, he is taken to Ballarat Hospital where it is announced that he has a dead gut. Raimond, his family, Milka and Hora all visit him however Romulus at most times, is unable to respond because of his pain. As they leave, Raimond stays by his fathers’ side until he passes away. A funeral is held for him where Raimond speaks of his father, celebrating his morals, values and strengths. At the end, it is revealed that his father is buried near his mother. Aspects of belonging/Quotes/Techniques/Effect

Belonging to people:
* Romulus and Raimond – Raimond reinforces his love for his father through the dialogue, “Ich liebe dich mein Vater” (meaning ‘I love you my father’) which conveys the love and respect he has for his father. Raimond writes that “just as I had been with him during the time of his terrible affliction, so I was now again with him in his mortal agony.” This comparison indicates that Raimond has always supported his father through his troubled times and so demonstrates the strong bond between father and son. “The funeral was a day before my fiftieth birthday,” juxtaposes the celebration of life and the mourning of the dead, thus accentuating the significance of his father’s death to Raimond. * Hora and Romulus – When Raimond asks Hora to join him in visiting Romulus and Raimond writes that, “of course he did.” The truncated sentence highlights Hora’s loyalty to Romulus thus signify the strength of their friendship.
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