Chapter 27

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Einstein| Light consists of tiny particles of energy that travel as waves.| Newton| Light consists of tiny particles.|
Euclid| Vision results from streamers or filaments emitted by the eye making contact with an object.| Huygens| Light is a wave.|
Dual Nature| In modern theory, Light has a dual nature; part particle and part wave.| R.M.I.V.U.X.G.| Radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, visible light, ultraviolet rays, gamma rays.| Energy in an Electromagnetic Wave| Energy is part electric and part magnetic.| DO NOT Pass through Light| Infrared and Ultra-violet light do not pass through glass while visible light does.| Resonance on Glass| Electron in glass have a natural frequency in ultra-violet range.| Atmosphere Transparency| Our atmosphere is transparent to visible light and some infrared, but almost opaque to ultra-violet light.| Clouds| Are semi-transparent to ultraviolet.|

Observation from the Umbra during a Solar Eclipse| Brief darkness during the day.| Observation from the Penumbra during a Solar Eclipse| A partial eclipse in which the sunlight is dimmed.| Polarized Object| Vibrating Electron|

Un-Polarized Object| Incandescent bulb, the sun, a candle flame.| 1600s| The idea that light consists of tiny particles was first proposed.| Roemer| His measurement of discrepancies in the position of Jupiter's moon lo was the first demonstration showing that light travels at a finite speed.| Receiving Material Response| When light is incident upon it depends on the frequency of the light and the natural frequency of the electron in the matter/| Electron's Response| Are able to respond to the ultra-fast vibration of visible light because the electrons have small enough mass to vibrate fast.| Structure of glass| Infrared waves vibrate only the electrons in glass.| Transparent Materials| Absorb light energy and re-emit it so that it is passed on to neighboring atoms.| Opaque Materials| An...
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