Romeo and Oedipus

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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People come into the world with absolutely nothing. They have to think and make decisions for themselves, and learn the basic ways of the world. A child never knows what their future is going to be like and they have to learn from the mistakes they make. We all wereEveryone was once at this stage in our their lifetime, and some of us them still are. In Romeo and Juliet by Kate Kinsella and Oedipus the King by Moses Hadas Similar to Romeo and Oedipus, both characters Romeo and Oedipus try to learn from their mistakes and make decisions that they think will benefit themselves the most. Although Romeo and Oedipus have very different backgrounds and were written in very different time periods different storylines, all of their decisions have similar qualities in which they are impulsive, self-injurious, and harmful to those around them, that which connectsconnect the two stories together in early literature and in the idea that fate does not decides their own fate. Romeo and Oedipus, alike, are extremely impulsive both act without forethought which leads them to making decisions that are not thought out thouroughly. They both two act quickly, without thinking of later consequences. The oracle was condemned upon Oedipus from birth. The second time the oracle is told in the story, young Oedipus hears it for himself and he flees Corinth, “As this I fled away, putting the stars between me and Corinth, never to see home again…” (Hadas 115-117). Now here Oedipus is being selfish and he only thinks about his well-being. He takes matters into his own hands instead of confronting someone who might know what is going on. Oedipus flees hurriedly after he is told his ‘fate’ from an oracle in which “[King Laius] was doomed to perish by the hand of [Oedipus]” (Hadas 107). Oedipus did not stop to reason things through or get advice, instead he rushed out of his hometown. At this time, Oedipus seized control of his own fate. He himself made the decision to flee from...
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