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The first time Romeo and Juliet had laid eyes on each was at the Capulet ball. This is a very intimate scene between the two lovers in both the play and film. It is shown in the play by the word’s Shakespeare had chosen. For example, Romeo asks a servant, “What lady’s that which doth enrich the hand of yonder knight?” This automatically means Romeo shows interest. It encourages us to think that he is instantly attracted to her, which creates the moment of the ‘love at first sight’. The love at first sight explains the deal of ‘star-crossed lovers’ which is mentioned a lot in the play, being as this is what Shakespeare created. This is connoted in the film by Romeo and Juliet looking up into the dark, starry night before they meet. In the film, Romeo is wearing a knight costume symbolising Juliet’s knight in shining armour. The love shown in the film is them making their first glance upon one another. This is shown by a contrast of romantic colours through a fish tank with a slow, loving song in the background.

Juliet is trying to get away from her patronising mother and Paris (the man she is supposedly to marry, but has no interest in). So she finds herself in a relaxing and romantic scene with Romeo, either one standing at each side of the fish tank peering through among the fish. Once they catch eyes, they cannot stop staring at one another, as they continuously glance. Juliet begins to walk along the fish tank, whilst Romeo follows, embezzled by the beauty before him. Romeo starts hesitating, trying to say something but the Nurse appears and pulls Juliet away back to her mother and Paris, and Romeo follows like a dog in love. In the play, the first time they lay eyes on each other is shown as Romeo standing in the background watching Juliet dance and speaking rich words of what he thinks about Juliet from the first glance of her. “And, touching hers, make blessed my rude hand, did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till...
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