Romeo and Juliet: Freedom

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  • Published : May 30, 2012
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Both Romeo and Juliet are very free characters but there’s one of them that’s really free, and I think it's Romeo. I think that Romeo is more free than Juliet because he’s never with his parents. He’s always running around town without them. On the other hand, Juliet is always with her parents. She’s always around them and never leaves their sight. One reason I think this is that Romeo crashes the party of the enemy of their family. Another thing that convinces me of this is he kisses Juliet under her parents’ noses. The free characters sometimes need to be a little less free. That freedom will most likely get them in trouble. Romeo is a demagogue. To begin with, I think that Romeo is the more free character. He is always running around town without his parents around. Juliet’s parents are always with her, though. During the night of the Capulet’s party, Romeo was with his friends, gallivanting around the town. Then they went and crashed the Capulet’s party. He is always running around town like he owns it. I don’t even think Romeo has been with his parents during the play since the beginning of the play. In addition, Romeo is definitely the most free character in this play. During the Capulet's party, the Montague’s enemies, Romeo was in the back kissing Juliet Capulet right under her parents’ noses. It was exemplary and they were very fortuitous that they didn’t get caught, because if they did, Romeo would be dead. Juliet’s parents were out there dancing like nothing was going on. Sometimes the free people get in the most trouble. On the other hand, sometimes they don’t. Also, there is one character in particular that is more free than all the others. That one character is Romeo Montague. Romeo has killed a person just because they killed his best friend; because he did that, he was banished from Verona. He now has to live in Friar Lawrence’s church for sanctuary. He can’t leave and nobody that wants to take him to the prince/prison was...
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