Romeo and Juliet Fate or Free Will

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Romeo and Juliet, Fate or Free will?

The story of Romeo and Juliet is a tragic tale of love and hate. The story ends in conflict and controversy because of their families and other outside forces in which fate was a factor. The "Star Crossed Lovers" death was caused by free will and blinding love, this was a significant turning point in the book because Romeo was banished. As the story goes on characters such as Tybalt and Mercutio set off a spin of events eventually ending in the death of the beloved Romeo and Juliet.

While Romeo and Juliet hid their love, more plain to see was turmoil and conflict between the Capulet's and the Montague's. More specifically, Tybalt and Mercutio got into a brawl about Romeo going uninvited to Capulets ball. This is the first of many conflicts in Shakespeare's play. Right after Romeo and Juliet were married, Romeo was drawn into a bloody battle with Mercutio and the fiery Tybalt. Shakespeare then goes on to state through Mercutio, "Thou wilt quarrel with/ a man that hath a hair more or a hair less in his beard than thou/ hast"(III, i, 15-16). Mercutio is saying that Tybalt would fight him no matter how stupid the cause of the quarrel is because of their previous family differences. Romeo was trying to keep the peace between the two men when Tybalt slain Mercutio on accident. The reason for Mercutio's death was because of the house's of Capulet and Montagues fighting. As Mercutio is dying he screams in anguish, "A plague a'both your houses! They have made worms meat of me. I have it,/ and soundly too. Your houses!"(III, i, 90-93). This quote foreshadows the lamentable ending of Romeo and Juliet.

"By taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing over it, he is superior."- anonymous. Had Romeo heard this quote he would not have taken revenge on Tybalt because of the fatality of Mercutio. This was weak judgement by Romeo which led him to catch up to Tybalt and do the unthinkable to his...
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