Romeo and Juliet Essay

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare, Romeo + Juliet Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Luhrmann has appropriated the original version of Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare and created a modernised film that presents the same everlasting themes in a visual medium. This essay will compare the two versions of Act V Scene lll (death scene) in Romeo and Juliet and will explore the ways each have developed the compelling story. Shakespeare’s plays were written to be heard as an auditory experience and were viewed by an audience on a bland stage with minimal sets, costuming and props. In order to successfully communicate the storyline, Shakespeare relied on the actors’ dialogue to convey all the necessary information. In the death scene, Shakespeare explores the idea that Romeo has no desire to live without Juliet. The use of a metaphor is evident in this text “oh my love! My wife! Death, that hath suck’d the honey of thy breath” outlines the fact that her death has taken all the sweetness out of his life and he therefore cannot find happiness without her. The repetition in the line “here, here will I remain,” is successful in emphasising the line, bringing attention to the fact that he will not leave Juliet as he cannot go on without her. Luhrmann’s movie is structured much unlike Shakespeare’s play and utilizes the various techniques that are offered in the film-making industry to convey Romeo and Juliet in a modernised light. In the death scene, Luhrmann forms the idea of a fairy tale ending for Romeo and Juliet in the sense that although they both kill themselves, they are going to live happily ever after together in heaven. The use of a raising camera shot of Romeo and Juliet lying in each other’s arms extends on this feeling that although their lives on Earth are over, they are now going together to live in the heavens above. The camera angle in this same shot also develops the idea that there is happiness to come for them as it is looking downward on the horribly torturous lives they had and therefore implying that where they are...
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