Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 2

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Emotion, Love Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Romeo and Juliet play Act 2 Scene 2
Romeo and Juliet are clearly complex characters; they go through an intense journey. They learn about themselves as individuals, unit and in relation to the people around them. Their relationship is based on passionate attraction that transforms into something powerfully emotional, with real depth. Their relationship shows us the juxtaposition of the clear love and hate woven throughout the play. They fight to keep their relationship together, the reader is touched by the range of emotions that they experience, perhaps the most moving is the feeling of hope when we know it is clearly misplaced. The primary scene I will explore is when Romeo and Juliet develop their relationship and have the first and last truly happy scene in the play. The feeling of calm is reflected in the atmosphere that the surroundings; it has a physical contrast with the rest of the play. It shows how personal scene this is supposed to be and how they can reveal their emotions and how they truly feel about each other. The fact that it is at night gives the scene a more romantic feel and also has undertones of secrecy. The Luhrmann film shows the surroundings to have an almost ethereal feel; there are beautiful muted lights and a bright blue pool. The pool allows physical intimacy whereas there is not as much in Zeferelli’s version and supports Romeo feeling ‘’baptised’’, a new person with Juliet. There are large walls too around the garden to give a intimate, private feel and show how much Romeo wants to be with her ‘’for stony limits cannot hold out love’’. We can see how much they adore each other and feel very strongly. Juliet professes how much she truly loves Romeo in her speech about him; she would ‘’no longer be a Capulet’’ for him. This is a very large step as not only can we see that she is willing to cast her whole family for him. We see a different side of Juliet, Shakespeare shows her to be a dominant character as opposed to the submissive...
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