Romeo and Juliet

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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What would you do if one day you happened to go to a party and someone just happened to be completely and madly in love with you the moment they saw you? Would you fall in love with them not knowing who they are? What if on the same night of meeting them and “falling in love”, you both decided to get married? Unfortunately foolish scenarios like that only happen in fairytales; Or in this case, the play “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. This play is an inappropriate choice for anyone and especially high school students because of the melodramatic love, bitter violence and scenes of suicide. Love can be a mysterious and magical thing, but the way Shakespeare portrays it happens to be somewhat unrealistic and exaggerated aka melodramatic. For instance, in the opening scene Romeo declared to be in love with Rosaline whom did not love him back. He goes on and on ranting about his sadness and how he’ll never love another girl because Rosaline is the most beautiful of all which is considered to be very dramatic and stubborn. “'Tis the way to call hers exquisite, in question more. These happy masks that kiss fair ladies' brows, being black puts us in mind they hide the fair; He that is strucken blind cannot forget the precious treasure of his eyesight lost. Show me a mistress that is passing fair, what doth her beauty serve but as a note where I may read who pass’d that passing fair? Farewell: Thou canst not teach me to forget.” (I, i, 225-234) Often times people like Romeo mix love up with infatuation. At Capulet’s party Romeo spots Juliet and immediately forgets about his “crush” on Rosaline and how heartbroken he was. “Did my heart love till now? Forswear it sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” (I, v, 52-53) This shows that Juliet is basically just Romeo’s rebound and he’s shallow for instantly falling in love with her looks and knowing nothing about her. Afterwards, Juliet asks her nurse to find out who Romeo is and says she’d rather die than marry anyone else which seems a bit overdramatic considering the fact that she just met him. “Go ask his name.—If he be married, my grave is like to be my wedding bed.” (I, v, 134-135) She then finds out that he’s a Montague and states that she’s in love with him which makes her seem shallow as well for only immediately falling in love with Romeo just for his physical appearance. Despite the fact that they just met and only love each other based on their looks, they decide to get married. “Three words, dear Romeo, and good-night indeed. If that thy bent of love be honorable, thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow, by one that I’ll procure to come to thee, where and what time thou wilt perform the rite; And all my fortunes at thy foot I’ll lay, and follow thee my lord throughout the world.” (II, ii, 142-148) Obviously this is just plain unrealistic. Sure, it’s possible to like someone so much and claim to be “in love” with them and then forget about them once someone else comes along. However it’s unlikely to legitimately fall in love with someone at first sight, have them return mutual feelings and then get married. Let’s not forget that Juliet is only thirteen years old and Romeo is about seventeen which is clearly too young to know about what exactly love is and to even be thinking about marriage. Others however will find love through power; Paris approaches Juliet’s father, Capulet in hopes that he will allow Juliet to marry him although they have never been face to face. “Of honourable reckoning are you both; and pity ‘tis you lived at odds so long. But now, my lord, what say you to my suit?” (I, ii, 4-6) Capulet then hesitates on whether he should allow Paris to marry Juliet because she is not yet fourteen years old. Paris, however insists on it and tells Capulet that other girls younger than Juliet are already mothers, and happy. This isn’t okay whatsoever. No parent should even acknowledge having to force their children into marriage. It’s not...
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