Romeo and Juliet

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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eSkye Nieves4-19-12 Period 1Romeo and Juliet Theme Essay

The powerful nature of Romeo and Juliet's love is a prime factor that leads to their personal tragedies. From the moment they meet in the play, love and violence become linked to each other. Romeo and Juliet's love is of an intense passion where love overpowers all other values. They are driven to defy their families by this force and their extreme and boundless love was of such a great nature that it could only be preserved by death.In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare, the passion of young love between characters is first shown as Romeo’s “love” for Rosaline. His feelings for her put him in a deep depression. Benvolio then shows his love for his cousin by trying to understand Romeo’s problem and offers a solution. Romeo and Juliet’s love is first introduced when they meet each other at the Capulet’s masquerade party. Romeo first sees Juliet across the dance floor, they kiss, and they instantly fall in love. After the party, Romeo wanders into Capulet’s orchard where he and Juliet make plans of their marriage, after only three hours of knowing each other. Through exile and arranged marriages, their love is their motivation for all the decisions they make. The Zeffirelli movie version of the play is performed almost exactly how the play is written. But there are some differences. For example, the prologue is a voiceover instead of a chorus and the Capulet servant doesn’t ask Romeo to read the invitation list, instead Mercutio gives Romeo the invite. Then the storyline progresses as it did the way Shakespeare developed it. The theme of passion of young love does transcend time and is relevant in today’s world. Luhrmann’s movie version is set in modern times, so obviously the story of Romeo and Juliet’s passionately love can be relevant now. Teenagers these days are always looking for love and when they think they’ve found it they...
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