Romeo and Juliet

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Many people have terrible faiths, but out of all of them one was the most innocent. In “Romeo and Juliet”, Benvolio is free from guilt and a harmless man. He likes to keep peace. Furthermore, Benvolio had to suffer in many parts of the play. Finally, he is very helpful and does nothing wrong. Benvolio is free from guilt; he does nothing wrong and had nothing to do with lying or killing. Benvolio is the most innocent character in the play.

Benvolio is the most innocent character in the play because he tries to keep the peace. He does not like to fight and likes to follow by the rules. During the street fight Benvolio asks Tybalt to help keep the peace with him. “I do but keep the peace. Put up thy sword, or manage to part these men with me.” (1.1.70-71). When Mercutio got in a fight with Tybalt, Benvolio tries his best to prevent it. He asks Mercutio to call it a day and go somewhere else since they might run into the Capulet men and start a fight. “I pray thee, good Mercutio, let’s retire. The day is hot, the Capulets, abroad: And if we meet we shall not’ scape a brawl, for now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring.”(3.1.1-4). Obviously this proves that Benvolio does NOT like to fight and likes to follow by the Prince’s law. When the Capulet men come Benvolio then asks Mercutio to go to a private place or just leave the Capulets. “We talk here in the public haut of men; either withdraw unto some private place, and reason coldly of your grievances, or else depart. Here all eyes gaze on us.” (3.1.52-55). Clearly Benvolio likes to keep peace and therefore is an innocent character. He did not fight Tybalt back when he killed Mercutio, like Romeo did.

Benvolio suffered in many parts of the play. At first he saw that Romeo suffers the consequences of love and life. He watched as Romeo was depressed since he cannot be with the one he loves the most, Rosaline. Benvolio then suffers from watching Mercutio’s death and Romeo’s banishment. Then he had to...
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