Roman Society

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Patrician Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: February 8, 2013
By Anita Asare
The ancient Roman society was filled with such a complex system based on traditions, power, and wealth. Roman citizens held on to their pride and their standards of living quite well. Their means of living were quite distinctive compared to other ancient cultures. Some of their traditions greatly equipped American families’ lives in many fashionable ways, including their values. Their ways of life really inspired many elements in the American society. The Roman society grew from out of a settlement of Latin shepherds and farmers on the Palatine Hill to a strong confederation of united peoples. It greatly exhibited such profound family rituals and respected values. The family was the most important and sacred bond throughout Rome. They had dependent clients and slaves that submitted under the chief’s authority. The leader or chief of the family was the father (paterfamilias). He was the supreme ruler of the entire family. The father was in charge of performing religious rituals and rites concerning the burning fire. The ancient Roman families build strong esteem upon their ancestors and looked upon them with such honor. The families were obliged to worship them as long as they lived because their ancestors brought them together (Morey, Ch.3).

In ancient Rome (27B.C-1453A.D), the two main social groups were the patricians and the plebeians (History on the Net Group). The patricians associated with the equestrians and the senate officials making up the Roman upper class. The plebeians associated with the freed people, Latins, foreigners, women in the lower class, and slaves. All together these groups made up the Roman lower class. The middle class was non-existent. These classes were divided based upon economic, political, and military status or power (Talmor Media). The upper class, which was represented by the patricians descended from powerful noble families. These types of people possessed land and lived in large eloquent...
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