Roller Coaster Speech

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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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Title: Roller Coasters
Specific purpose: To inform my audience on two types of roller coasters. Introduction
I.Attention getter: What is hard and bumpy, sometimes long, sometimes short, and make some people scream? Roller coasters of course. II.Reveal my topic: Roller coasters have been around for several decades and two types of roller coasters stand out the most, wooden and steel. III.Establish credibility: Back when I was in high school I had a group of friends that became coaster junkies. Every summer we would travel to an amusement park near and far and ride nothing but the roller coasters at each park. IV.Relevancy statement: Roller coasters have been thrilling all kinds of people from all kinds of age groups, but where did they come from and what records do they hold? V.Preview of main points: Well that’s exactly what I would like to inform you of this evening, covering both wooden and steel roller coasters.

Transition to body: Let me begin by starting with a little history on both types of coasters staring with wooden roller coasters. Body
I.Wooden roller coasters have been around for several centuries now. a.In fact Michael Valenti, in Designing the Ultimate Thrill Machine, states that “the origins of the roller coaster can be traced as far back as the early 17th century in St. Petersburg, Russia”. i.This first ride that influenced it all was simply a wooden slide that was covered in ice during the winter season, and riders sat on an ice block with hay on top and slid down the hill. ii.Once the French had found out about these slides they decided to bring them over to their country but found out their climate wasn’t cold enough to sustain the ice. According to The History of Roller Coasters: The Ice Slides of Russia Inspire First Roller Coaster, “the resultant mush and wet ride inspired the next step in the evolution of the roller coaster, which was to put wheels on the sleds”. b.Roller coasters took several years to cross the waters...
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