Roll Crusher, Teeth Roll Crusher Both Take an Important Position

Topics: Crusher, Teeth Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: February 17, 2012
The roller crusher is mainly used for the crushing of medium or lower-hardness mines and rocks with medium or lower rigidity in the trade of cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, coal and other industrial. The crushing materials include limestone, slag, coke and coal.

This teeth roll crusher apply to coal, metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, building materials industries more suitable for large coal or coal gangue) crude (including the broken.

Teeth roll crusher work principle and main structure: teeth roll crusher mainly adopts special wear-resisting teeth roll high-speed material crushing (for errupted tooth roll crusher traditional with a low extrusion), formed the mechanism of high productivity.

The five categories used in the crushing machine, Roll crusher and hammer crusher impact with the main role belongs to brittle material to break the machine, it is often called the impact crusher. Impact crusher and the crusher-based compression, such as jaw, cone and roll crusher and other match, have the following characteristics:

1). Crushing ratio. Roll crusher can reach the crushing ratio above 50, while the jaw, cone and roll crusher is difficult to over 20. Thus, in the need for single-stage crushing of occasions, such as cement industry, limestone crusher, Roll crusher is widely used.

2). Good product particles. Under the impact, often by crushing the material level of fragmentation along its most vulnerable, such selective fragmentation method, the particles with a high probability of a cube shape, so the teeth roll crusher product content as low as a percentage flakiness 10%, while the jaw, cone and roll crusher products such as the percentage flakiness will be higher than 15% of the content. Thus, particles in the cube where needed. For example, high-grade anti-skid road surface, usually toothed roll crusher to break as the end device, produced concrete aggregate.

However, because the teeth roll crusher is crushing the...
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