The Relation and Distinction Between Hammer and Countering Breaking, Which Widely Used in Coal Crushing Engineering

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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The relation and distinction between hammer and countering breaking, which widely used in coal crushing engineering Coal mill is widely applied construction equipment in open-pit Coal mining industry , the equipment is mainly aimed at the high water content, the difficulty of coal breakage and the development and production of professional coal crushing equipment. The coal crusher equipment is mainly used in crushing coal gangue, shale, coal, slag, coal cinder, construction waste, etc. On the market basically has broken coal resources is widely applied counter attack crusher and hammer crusher. As is known to all, impact crusher on the basis of hammer crusher is actually developed a kind of new type high efficiency coal pulverizer. Can be used as a coarse, medium and fine grinding; At present more than 2000 t/h on the cement production line of better matching scheme is to choose large coarse broken counterattack crusher. Can be broken, asbestos, coal, quartz sand, limestone, calcium carbide, dolomite, iron sulfide or other materials Coal gangue hammer crusher is divided into two standard and heavy, this series of hammer crusher mainly include Housing, rotor, back plate, back plate and other parts, it is the core parts of the rotor. Hammer plate is adopted by the carburizing heat treatment, high manganese steel hammer head is made of high quality high chromium manganese steel compound casting technology, work High efficiency. Combined with heavy hammer crusher and vibrating screen points, through the reasonable configuration and equipment selection. Whether counter attack crusher or hammer broken stone machine in coal crushing engineering, can attitude to different production Scale and the demand for different ways of broken, according to the analysis of the development trend of coal mill equipment, Vipeak large-scale counter attack crusher will emerge in the open-pit coal mine production.

jaw crusher:
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