Roles of Heroes

Topics: Beowulf, Hero, The Bravery Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Marcus Anderson
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Roles of Heroes

Heroes are defined as many different things and different opinions from other people. To many people a hero is somebody saves lives from danger or somebody kids look up to and call them there hero because they did something on TV that was fascinating to them. Even in stories, there are different types of heroes and all described differently. To me heroes are people that save lives continuously no matter what the situations are because they have the bravery and heart to save people. Being a hero can lead to greatness toward people or confident gained by people. For example, in the text of “Beowulf” the Geats believed that Beowulf was going to save them from this monster named Grendel but in the film Christianity, God, was a factor from stopping Grendel trying to kill the Geats. In the text, the Geats believed in Beowulf throughout the whole story but in the film the Geats believed in God and Beowulf, as the film goes on the Geats started to believe in God more than Beowulf. For example, Unferth and Beowulf’s wife both started to wear crosses either around their necks or on clothing. Today heroes are defined as being brave, honest, and trustworthy, inspiring and never giving up. These heroes have jobs that involve helping people like being a police officer fighting crime, firefighters, marines/army and citizens that care about other people that are in danger. Today people still depend on God to save them or that God is the reason they are alive after a serious disaster has happened, people today depend on God to solve every problem and to make this world peaceful. For example, in the text Beowulf the Geats had to depend on someone else that was from another country and not from their own country and it was only one person they depended on as of today we depend on many types of heroes to save us and keep us safe. In the film, they did depend on Beowulf but most likely God because he was watching over them....
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