Topics: Critical thinking, Accountant, Leadership Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: January 20, 2013
This paper will go into detail about who my role model is in the accounting industry, Susan Speirs. I will also explain my personal strengths and my personal success plans. The reason I chose Susan Speirs is because she is a great accountant, especially for women. I would like to become a great account like Susan Speirs. I am majoring in accounting at college, which is why my industry is accounting.

My role model is Susan Speirs. She is a certified public accountant, also known as CPA. The reason I chose Susan Speirs as a role model is because she addressed the problem accountants were having with the Utah Association of Certified Public Accounts (UACPA). She is vice president of UACPA. She is taking a leadership role by addressing the problem. When people want to get rid of accounting because they think it is corruptive, Susan Speirs and her group stuck up for accounting.

The characteristics of an effective leader involve being truly humble (basically leading to serve not for themselves); non-judgmental observant (observing what he does and what others do); faces problems and solves them; ruthlessly improves; fiscally improves; invests in business; communicates consistently, clearly, concisely; gives clear direction; is an aggressive “evolutionizer”; and has a sense of humor. Susan Speirs is truly humble. She is leading to serve for others like herself, to keep accounting alive. She faced problems and is working on solving them, she did not back down like most would. Susan is improving our world for accountants everywhere, keeping the occupation alive for people like me.

My personal strengths are my communication skills and they are getting better every day. I am a very loyal friend, and I listen to my friends better. I am a very organized person I think that my personal strengths can support success because since I am organized and I keep my work together. By being loyal, I can be trusted and possibly get a promotion and by listening. My communication...
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