Role of the Internet in English Language Teaching

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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The Role of Internet in English Language Teaching
There is a way in which you can wander around the world and see wonders of the world while you're laying on your comfortable sofa at home . Using the same way, you can talk to your parents or friends who are living in another city or a country face to face without having to pay a high cost . You can also use this way to find information to fulfil your curiosity and make comprehensive researches. You can even watch a tv show which you have missed or listen to the radio or any music you want. This way is called "internet", which is a worldwide virtual network. Since the 1990s, with the increase in its popularization, internet has brought advantages to the many fields. One of these fields is English Language Teaching. Even though there are many people who claim that internet causes learners to learn English in an improper way, internet has improved student-teacher interactions and expedited finding sources and learning the stress pattern of the language in English Language Teaching.

Most visible and evident advantage which internet has brought to English language teaching is that communication between instructors and students has gained an important speed and has become more efficeint. In today's world ,it is hard for instructors to pay attention to every student individually since classes are crowded or schedules are tight and strict. Yet, with the services internet provides, it's possible to give feedback personally to every single student quickly and to ask the instructor about the points which was not clear enough in the class or they are curious to know. Thanks to internet, a fast and efficient flow of information can be provided between students and instrustors. As well as communicating with students personally, instructors can also create e-mail lists web pages such as web boards and forums to interact with the whole class and share documents for students. (M. Warschauer &...
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