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  • Published : November 13, 2010
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Oudekerk 1

Matt Oudekerk

Shirley Collins

Composition and Rhetoric

6 Nov. 2010

A better environment for learning

High schools today are using technology in ways that were not even dreamed of yet when

I attended high school. Looking back and using today’s technology as a guide; there are many

improvements that could be made to the high school I attended. Technology is the key to

improving the environment for learning.

Software is now saving time and improving learning in classrooms. In order to improve

the classroom experience a couple of software programs should be available to students. Word

processing software should be used to replace the typewriters, this would encourage students to

write and make it easier to edit papers. Spreadsheet software could be added to help students

with organization skills as well as math. Voice recognition software would also be a good

addition, students could use this to take notes or for creating rough drafts for assignments. Email

programs can also be used to connect the students, teachers and parents twenty four hours a day.

The internet has opened many ways for students to learn and gather information.

Improving access and use of the internet would help create a better place to learn. The internet

has vast amounts of information that can be gathered and used for research. Each classroom

should set up a class website to post students work and creations. Teachers need to set up online

testing as well as test results to streamline the process and eliminate paperwork. Websites should

be set up to enable teachers to communicate and share grade, conduct, and schedule information

to parents. The internet can also be used to share classroom information with other classrooms

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