Role of Ict in Class Room

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  • Published: March 15, 2013
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Renu Chouhan, Lect. M.Ed. , Biyani Girls B.Ed. College, jaipur Abstract
Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have the potential to enhance access, quality, and effectiveness in education in general and to enable the development of more and better teachers in India in particular. As computer hardware becomes available to an increasing number of schools, more attention needs to be given to the capacity building of the key transformers in this process, namely, teachers. As ICT enters every classroom, what is the impact on teachers? Does it give them more work, or less? Is it a tool that helps them to teach the curriculum or does it add extra curriculum content? Does it change what they teach and how they teach it? It is beginning to look as though ICT and, in particular, connection to the Internet will have profound effects on schools. It is too early to draw firm conclusions about what those effects will be. The advance of the most significant new application, the Internet, has been both recent and rapid - the World Wide Web started its exponential growth only in 1994. But we can identify pointers for teaching in the connected classroom. ICT is one of many factors stimulating change in classrooms everywhere. It is distinctive in its universal prominence and in its dual role as both a reason for change and a means for achieving it. This paper examines the impact of information and communications technology on two key aspects of education, communication and learning, and goes on to consider how it affects teaching and learning.


The advent of the information society has called into question many of our assumptions about education. New information and communications technologies(ICT) are changing the world we live in, and the way we learn to live. ICT changes teaching and learning through its potential as a source of knowledge, a medium to transmit content, a means of interaction and dialogue. Thus,...
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