Ict in the Classroom

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ICT in the Classroom

Justifying the use of technology in the classroom can be a touchy subject. Some educators may see computers and the internet as classroom distractions and a hindrance; however, they should be seen as a positive learning tool and a way to engage the students in their learning. There are many different teaching strategies that can be implemented into the classroom and ICT (Information Computer Technology) is one of them. Digital Pedagogy is the study of how to teach using digital technologies. Howell (2012) discusses 5 reasons why we should bother with digital pedagogy. One of the reasons they discuss is “using digital technologies in the classroom is engaging and motivating”. In this reason they point out that students love using technology outside of the classroom so it would be foolish not incorporate it into day to day learning to further motivate and engage. They further mention that when a teacher announces that a lesson is being moved to the computer lab, it brings excitement for the change and therefore motivates them to learn. Technology can change the way teaching and learning is approached in classrooms and a curriculum filled with technology may prepare students for maturing in the 21st century (Laliberte, 2009). While technology has not been included greatly in the classrooms in the past, it is in the present and most definitely will be there in the future. This is recognised by having ICT included in the Australian Curriculum. The Australian Curriculum, Assessment, and Reporting Authority (ACARA) state that ICT transforms the way the students think and gives them greater control over what they learn. By looking through the ACARA website it is visible that ICT has been incorporated into most standard learning areas such as English, Mathematics, Science and History. They state that one of the reasons ICT has been introduced into these areas is to add “depth and richness” to the learning content and it helps the students to...
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