Role of Computetrs to Business

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Role of Computers in Business
By Zachary Fenell, eHow Contributor
updated: December 29, 2009
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Computers in business can help to make the workplace better connected and more efficient. Computers in business could also hinder business communication. The effect computer technology has on business depends on the use of the technology in the workplace. Implementing Computers

Inside the workplace computer technology should be used to aid, not substitute for, business communication. For example, use email to set up a meeting, rather than using email to share important information, replacing meetings. Benefits

Computer technology gives businesses new marketing tools, such as websites and new mediums for advertising. Businesses can use these tools to expand their marketplace. Consequences
The Internet can serve as a distraction to workers. Using the internet at work for personal use, such as checking email, leads to lost time for companies. Considerations
Whether computers have a positive or negative effect on business depends on how management decides to implement computers in the workplace. Work From Home
Computer technology makes working from home a reasonable option by giving employees access to information otherwise only available while at the workplace.

The Role of Computers in Business Communication

A 2002 study conducted by the Canadian government on the impact of computers on the world of business found the introduction of computer technology to the workplace to be one of the most significant events in business evolution to date. In particular, computers have had a large impact on the way people in the business world communicate. Client Communication

Computers have revolutionized the way companies communicate with their clients. Websites have made it easier than ever for clients to place orders, learn about a company's services, and ask questions, while leaving employees largely available to reach out to...
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