Role and Impact of Media

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  • Published : December 30, 2012
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In this modern age of information technology media acts as a pillar of the state. Without a free press countries cannot compete internationally. Media has gained stature in Pakistan but regrettably our media has forgotten to impart essential message to the people instead of pandering to a few people. When we switch our television on to listen to the news, we find political debates and politician’s mudslinging each other. Every political party defends itself by blaming others. The continuous blame game is on. The real problems that Pakistan faces today are sectarianism, extremism, poverty, lawlessness, corruption and illiteracy. Rarely does any news channel conduct a program on these grave issues The tremendous impact of the media on people. Just as a coin has two sides, the impact of mass media also can be positive or negative. Now let us list some of the positive and negative effects of media. Positive

Media provide news and information required by the people.
Media can educate the public.
Media helps a democracy function
effectively. They inform the public about government policies and programmes and how these programmes can be useful to them. Media can entertain people.
Media can act as an agent of Change in development.
Media has brought people of the World closer to each other.
Media promote trade and industry through advertisements
Media can help the political and democratic processes of a country. Media can bring in positive social changes.

The traditional culture of a country is adversely affected by mass media. Entertainment has become the main component of mass media. This affects the primary objectives of media to inform and educate the people. Media promote violence. Studies have proved that violence shown on television and cinema have negative effects on children. Mass media promote the desire in people to buy and own products that are advertised through the media but which may not be essential for them
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