Rohingya Problem

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1.The word Rohinga is derived from Rohang, the ancient name of Arakan. Situated on Burma's south-eastern border with Bangladesh. Arakan is one of the provinces of Burma and has a population of five million 40 percent of whom are Muslims. Burma was officially renamed as Myanmar on 18 June with its capital at Yangoon. Military rule covers the most of the history of Burmese politics. The Arakan Muslims are unhappy with the prevailing political system in Burma and some of them are harbouring an idea to establishment an independent homeland[1]. The military regime in Burma have tried to contain the secessionist movement in that region and in the process they have unleashed reign of terror. Every instrument of torture and supression have been used by the regime in Burma to terrorise the Rohingyas to submission[2]. This attempt of Burmese ruler has caused ttrauma and ordeal for the Rohingyas. Their plight have been high lighted by international media quite aptly and the problem has been quite known as well.

2.There are reports that the Burmese government is promoting resettlement in the area and replacing the Rohingyas with the Magh tribe. Rohingyas have been evicted from their homeland forcibly and driven out to seek refuge elsewhere. These refugees are taking place in Bangladesh cause tremendous problems for Bangladesh. On the other hand the settlement of Magh tribe, who believes in Buddhist faith, are aimed at pleasing the ego of ethnic Burmans.

3.There are many reasons for the genesis of the crisis in the state of Arakan, but references to demography, social, cultural, religious and historical dimensions are required to be studied to understand the problem. In Arakan these people do not inter marry . Rohingyas speak Bengali and they are under the influence of Bengali culture and civilization. At the religious level, there are irreconciliable differences. Burma has been a great centre of Buddhist learning and civilization for centuries, but the Rohingyas are proud of Islamic heritage. Constitutionally, and politically Buddhism and Muslims are antagonistic to each other and have the feeling of ethno-cenrrism. None of the communities are willing to accommodate the grievances of others. Finally there historical reasons for the two communities to feel different.

4.Our presentation on the subject will cover the following:

a.Over View on Geography and Demography.

b.Background to Rohingya Problem.

c.Effects on Bangladesh.

because of historical references, in many places of our presentation we will be using the words Burma and Rangoon which are to be kindly read as Myanmar and Yangoon.


5.The aim of the presentation is to highlight the problems of Rohingyas in Myanmar and its effects on Bangladesh.


6.Geographically it is lying along the eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, in the south-east Asia, covering an area of 261,226 square kilometers. The country is bordered by Thailand and Laos on the south-east , China on the north-east and Bangladesh and Indian state of Assam on the norht-west. It is considered to be the gateway to Indo-China peninsula as well as to China. Myanmar and Bangladesh share 171 miles of common border and have traditional commerce and cultural ties. There are 14 province and Arakan is one of them.

7.The people of Myanmar are of Mongoloid stock and derive from three main branches[3]:


8.Tibeto-Burman.The Tibeto-Burman group includes the Proto-Burmese, Kachins, Karens, Chins, Nagas etc. They entered Burma in three main waves from three directions. The Protoburmese probably came down the head-waters of Irrawaddy river and then from the north-east down the Salween valley. The Kachins entered from the north-west while the Chins and Nagas found their way in, a little further to the south. The Karens moved down...
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