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Customer Relationship Management is a process implemented by a company to handle its contacts with its customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize the business process inside the company. It’s done to help the organization retain its existing customers, entice new customers to join and helps its employees to get information about products, customers , clients in a more faster and efficient way. We have chosen Rogers Communication Inc., leading telecommunication provider in Canada particularly in the field of wireless, cable, home phone and Internet.Rogers Wireless is Canada's largest wirelesscommunications services provider, under the Rogers, Fido, Chatr Wireless and Cityfone brand names, with approximately 7.1 million voice and data subscribers.Rogers Cable is Canada's largest cable television service provider with approximately 2.3 million customers. Rogers Media owns Canada's largest publishing company. Amdocs, the leading provider of customer experience systems provides CRM software to Rogers. Rogers is currently using Amdocs CSE 7.5. The Amdocs customer management system allows Rogers to provide a personalized customer experience and improve first-call resolution for wireless, cable and telephony customers across Canada. The system provides customer care agents with the necessary technology to maximize the value of each customer interaction while providing efficient service. The Amdocs customer management system is built on the Amdocs smart client framework, which offers improved performance and operational efficiencies that further reduce costs.This system has offered essential technical support to representative of customer services, while making them offer the valid service, maximize customer’s value each time.

Is it strategic?
Yes, It is strategic because the company has suffered from weak and unpredictable information about their customers and as well as intense pressure from their competitors. Today’s customers are increasingly knowledgeable about communication products and have the tools to evaluate the market easily. The graph below shows why it is important for Rogers to know more about their customers and there requirements.


No. Of Customers

Low Interaction Complexity High

As it is evident from the graph, Rogers has high number of customers and the interaction complexity ranges from mid to high. The reason being there are some customers who are only concerned about a particular feature and as long as they have it they are not concerned other services. Interaction complexities for these customers tend to be on the lower side. However, majority of the customers are normally looking for personalized services, where they expect their service provider to build plans according to their individual requirements. The interaction complexities for these customers tend to be on the higher side. Hence, CRM systems at Rogers play an important role in managing the expectations of these customers and also provide personalized services efficiently to their customers. Another area we can look at is whether the profitability of the customers varies or is it the same for all the customers. Rogers has approximately 7 million customers in its wireless division however not all these customers are profitable. Thus we can show that itis a Steep Skew, the value of these customers depends on the profit they bring to the business. CRM systems at Rogers help identifying which of these customers are profitable; this helps the company in providing better services to these customers hence increasing their share of wallet. Profit

No. Of Customers
Rogers has been using Amdocs CRM since 2001, they started implementing CRM with their billing department and slowly moved it across the other departments. If we look at the annual report of Rogers Wireless for past...
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