Rogers Cable-First Time Right Initiative

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  • Published : September 1, 2012
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Situation Analysis4
Problem Statement4
Evaluation Criteria5
Action Plan6

Situation Analysis
Rogers Communications Inc. was a communication and media giant in Canada with contribution of about 12.5% to the telecommunication revenue of the country. With revenue exceeding $3.9 bn, it was a major player in Canadian communication industry, which had grown at the rate of 8.0%. Rogers was diversified in the sectors of media, cable and wireless communication. Serving 93% of the Canadian population, Rogers Wireless was a industry leader and the only GSM operator in the country. Rogers Cable was the largest cable television provider with 2.3 mn subscribers and 5 00,000 internet users. The company was innovative and pioneer in the field of telecommunications. It had also engaged in acquisition of other companies that eventually made it a national player. The company started focusing on the revenue growth as more customers preferred Rogers Cable. In the mean process, the company started concentrating less on the cost reduction and customer satisfaction. The company enjoyed monopoly over the market till 1993 after which telecommunication industry was opened for competition. Rogers no longer had exclusive right over the industry thereby forcing RCI to become more customer oriented. Since the company believed customer satisfaction as key success factor ,”FIRST TIME RIGHT” initiative was started. Feedbacks from customers showed that 20% of them were not satisfied. Only after conducting this survey, the problem was identified. A customer might call Rogers Cable’s Technical service representative (TSR) either to get a new installation or to solve service issues. A trip by field service technician to customers’ residence for service or installation was called truck roll. A technician was sent when the issue can’t be solved over the phone. Each phone call...
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