Robin Hood Case Study

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  • Published : September 9, 2013
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Robin Hood has a conflict with Sheriff and his administration. To resist the regime of Sheriff, Robin Hood is taking the money from rich people and give it to penniless people. Until now, Sheriff was the only problem. Roobin was gathering more and more people, because he believes, that the power is in numbers. So far, he had everithing well organized and controlled through assigning specific tasks for each of his lieutenants. On the other hand, an increasing in the size of the band, caused number of problems. First of all, there is an exeed of the food capacity of the forest. It means, the food has to be transported from neighbouring vallages and monet have to be payed. Moreover, it is harder to controll such an amount of people. Obviously, the lieutenants can not handle their responsibilities. That is why, there is a lack of discipline in the band. Without proper controll of behaviour, the camp can be dedicated from miles away. Due to this fact, the main source of revenue is in decline - the travellers started to avoid the forest, where the band is living. Even though it brings to wayfarers a lot of inconvinience. At the beggining Roobin Hood had no long term plan, but now he is forced to make changes in the strategy due to increasing forces. While considering which problem to take first, he has to implement a strategic plan. He should start with three questins: “What is the present situation?”

“Where does the Merrymen need to go from here?”
“How should it get there?”
It will help the Merrymen to come up with new ideas, which will bring the band to sucessfull future. But there are some limitations, which can make the whole process to be difficult. For example, all the members have their own point of view and thay can leave the band if they are not satisfied. That is whey it is difficult to come up with common way of achieving the goal. To be able to answer all of these questions, Roobing should conduct a SWOT analisys of the band. It will help to suggest...
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