Robin Hood Case

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Business Strategy: Robin Hood Case
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1. Why the situation turned bad against Robin Hood?
The situation for Robin Hood right now is not good because his band is growing too big and this has caused some problems. The increasing size of the band causes the decline in vigilance as well as making it harder to enforce discipline among the merrymen. This is usual when there are more people gathering together. Moreover, the food supply in the forest is not enough for the band and they have to buy more food from outlying villages, draining the money of the band which is continuously depleting. On the other hand, the sheriff is becoming stronger and better organized as he has both money and men. 2. If you were Robin Hood, what would you do?

The thing that needs to be done first is to reorganize the recruitment process of the merrymen. Having a lot of men is good for strengthening the band but having too many men with low quality or with no discipline can pose a problem for the band. A lot of men without proper discipline can possibly cause the band to collapse. Robin Hood needs to impose some specific criteria or skills set for candidates before accepting them rather than accepting anyone who wants to be in. The criteria and the skills set should be relevant to the needs of the band such as the shortage of food and lack of discipline among merrymen. The standard that he sets must be the ones that would prevent the problems that occur now from happening again in the future as well as preventing potential foreseeable problems that may arise. It may be farming skills, forest gathering skills, good raiding skills or men who are perceived to have some degree of discipline. Acquiring people with farming and forest-gathering skills would help curb the food shortage and will make the band be able to rely on itself in the long run. Strength lays both in quantity and in quality. Robin should continue gathering more men but at a set...
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