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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Writing a Successful Essay
Every student has their own unique learning style. Throughout their years in education, a student uses their learning style to be successful that makes them feel comfortable. In Kathleen T. McWhorter’s Successful College Writing: Chapter 2 explains the different learning style. For an excellent paper from a group essay, one student should be a social, creative, and spatial learner.

Social learners are oriented and prefer to study and learn with others. She says, “They focus their attention on those around them and see a task as an opportunity for social attraction” (McWhorter 39). Therefore social learners love to brainstorm for an essay. Since they are verbal and interactive learners, discussing different topics can easily guide them to writing. If they were to research about animal rights, a social learner can interview or ask questions from a veterinarian or an animal expert. He or she can gather different information from a conversation. She concludes, “You usually find it easy to write from experience. Writing realistic dialogue may be one of your strengths. You tend to have a good sense of whom you are writing for audiences and what you hope to accomplish” (McWhorter 43). In addition, social learners can contribute ideas and construct a story effortlessly. For an example, authors today sell their novels base on a story about their hardships and struggles. Just like interviewing a veterinarian about animal rights, it does consider believable because of what source he or she got it from. Overall, a social learner is definitely special because they are outspoken and contribute meaningful ideas.

Another one is a creative learner who approaches tasks imaginatively. McWhorter states, “They prefer to learn through discovery and experiment. They enjoy flexible, open-ended tasks and tend to dislike following rules” (McWhorter 39). Therefore, a creative learner is also the same as a social learner. Their thoughts...
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