Risk Management: A Case Study of the Construction of a Medical Center in Central Ghana

Topics: Risk, Risk management, Project management Pages: 5 (1626 words) Published: August 3, 2011

This paper seeks to discuss an activity from a project programme that allowed the Project Manager to plan for risk reduction in the construction of a Medical Centre for the Mfantseman Municipality in the Central Region of Ghana. The paper focuses on the preliminary/site preparation stage of the construction and highlights an identified risk, with the view to reducing its impact on the project. In analyzing and assessing the activity the following were considered; 1.One Quantitative method was used to establish the component of the activity with the highest level of risk with regard to health 2.A reasoned management response would be provided based on the identified risk 3.A proposal for monitoring the impact of the management response was also considered

Amicus Onlus is a not for profit organization that seeks to provide interventions in the areas of education and health to the Ghanaian population. Its health interventions however dwell on identifying rural communities that are deprived from access to medical care, and providing the infrastructure, the medical personnel and other logistics to ensure that the people benefit from quality health care. The organization has over the years earned a good reputation for itself in this area given how well the three (3) health centres it has established in 3 other rural communities have been doing. Ghana currently has an estimated population of twenty four million (24,000,000) people but suffers from acute health services especially in the rural areas. The Country’s patient to doctor ratio is 1:13,000, but, this is unevenly distributed to the detriment of rural communities. Amicus’ mode of intervention has always been to attract volunteer doctors from abroad, who will practice on rotational basis at its centers. Amicus’ health centers are run in collaboration with the Ghana Health Services, the mandated body for the provision of medical services in Ghana. The Medical Centre for the people of Mfantseman, in the central region of Ghana, is Amicus’ fourth (4th) initiative in this regard. This paper seeks to look into some risks factors that arose at the preliminary stage of the construction of this 4th Health Centre, with the view to analyzing how it was managed to reduce impact and what monitoring measures were put in place. The paper will also focus on lessons learned and how this lesson could be replicated in other similar projects of the organisation.

For the Medical Centre to be put up, the Local Authorities of the Mfantseman Municipality had to make land available. The land earmarked for the project was examined by the Project Management team before the Architect sought to start his drawing. After the designs, estimates and building permits were secured, the 11th of September 2011 was set for the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction works to officially commence. On this day, there was an unexpected heavy down pour in the municipality, which haltered the ground breaking event. After the rains, it was decided that because officials had already travelled far and near for the event, it would be good to have a symbolic ground breaking. Getting to the site, it was realized that the entire area of land that had been cleared for the Medical Centre was flooded. A number of reasons were propounded to explain the incident. With this as a lesson, the project team sought to carry out a risk analysis, which was hitherto not considered, before commencing the project. This was agreed to be necessary in order to anticipate all risks and avert any future surprise, but mostly importantly, to ensure that the project is not hindered in its adherence to both time and money. It therefore became imperative to first and foremost, create the necessary sensitization and awareness amongst all stakeholders on the need to halt the project and proceed only when a risk identification and management procedure has been considered

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