Aids in Uganda

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  • Published : April 4, 2012
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AIDS in Uganda
“Officials estimate that a million Ugandans are living with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Of these, an estimated 200,000 are in the advanced stages of the virus and need antiretroviral drugs (ARVs). About half of these are receiving treatment.” (Kavuma). For decades the governments of some African countries have been unable to provide the proper healthcare for their people. Among these countries, Uganda is home to one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS. The government has put effort in to provide treatment for the infected, but unfortunately they are lacking the funds to provide the medicine to all of the people. Many Ugandans are simply uneducated about the threats that this virus will cause to their individual lives, and also to their entire country. The HIV/ AIDS outbreak in an important problem in Uganda that the United States should be concerned about. This essay will explain the HIV/AIDS outbreak of Uganda in detail as an important current problem in Uganda. Furthermore, this essay will describe the criteria that must be met for a problem in a foreign country to merit US aid, and why Uganda meets these criteria.

It has been decades since the HIV/AIDS outbreak has occurred in Uganda, and since then their government as well as their people have been through numerous attempts to stop it. Despite Uganda’s efforts they seem to be having a hard time solving this crisis on their own. A recent study released by the New York Times states that “five million more Ugandans will become infected and need antiretroviral drugs within the next five years”(NY Times). One of the leading problems with the fight against HIV/AIDS is that most of the Ugandans infected with the virus simply cannot get to their local healthcare centers because they do not have the money to get there. “Most of the effected people live in rural or exurban areas where clinics are far away and doctors and nurses are scarce” (McNeil, Donald). The government is now trying to come up...
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