Risk Management Plan

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Fashion show risk management plan

Risk| Probability| Response|
Crowds| Low| Design layout of event to reduce concentration of people in any one place Occupancy monitored and limit not exceeded| Lack of funds| High| |
Security| Moderate| |
Power| Low| To check adequate voltage/wattage for event use| Amenities| | To check adequate washrooms,Changing rooms, wheel chair accessible| Venue| Moderate| Difficult to find location, maps provided to attendees| Permits/Licenses| Low| Licensed premises to serve alcohol, food handling/sales| Signage| Low| Entries, exits, toilet facilities, emergency phones Hazardous areas signage – authorized personnel only| Parking| High| Sufficient number, type and handicap accessibleAdequate signage, lighting and access to site| Staging | Moderate| Electrical equipment appropriate for outdoor/heavy use Adequate access around staging and platforms Erected, inspected and dismantled by qualified personnel| Transportation| Moderate| Avoid having participants drive their own cars to the back home. Drivers will be provided to drop car and it will be some extra charges.|

SWOT analysis for fashion show


* charity is local
* unique
* target market is available
* local retailers
* local venues
* costs will be low because it will be creative
* won’t be limited for tickets we can sell
* not a lot of events going on in Barrie
* support for cause is a bigger concern


* Barrie isn’t a fashion conscious community
* Ticket sales
* Big venue, might look empty
* Holding it during the week
* 3 other charities that week


* target women’s groups
* limited budget, opportunity to get creative
* raise awareness about the charity


* budget
* at this time were lacking a ‘wow’ factor
* participation

Ice Hockey Risk Management plan

Risk| Probability| Response...
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