Risk Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Management, Sociology Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: May 12, 2013
I feel much honored to read the article "Deny the Consent to Be Governed: Risk Leadership Theory" which write by our school scholars Curtis Brungardt and C.B. Crawford. Different from other articles about leadership, I think their perspective is very special. They introduced the risk leadership from the perspective of the leadership development. Such a development vision I first think of the history of China, from the several thousand years of feudalism society to the socialist society, China has experienced the change of leadership, and people gained democratic right. Then, Chinese economy develops rapidly. Come back to this article, leadership science also experienced a process of development at different times.

Classical leadership
The classical leadership is a top-down empowerment model. It is better adapted to the needs of high-volume production of industrial society organizations. However, with the rapid development of the economy, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the organization in a rapidly changing and unpredictable market environment. This trend requires organizations to make changes in order to improve the organization's ability to respond and adaptability. In addition, this article did not mentioned is that this top-down model makes employees pursue the promotion to get power, status, money and welfare. Therefore, some leaders are only focusing on how to form performance in the short term and do not consider enterprise long-term development. Enron moral scandal is the mentality results. In my opinion, companies need the real leader who can guide employees through the company's vision and common values ​​to create synergy, give the managers fully authorized, and coordinating organization to help the company achieve excellent performance. In a company, all layers and all levels need a leader, especially in the first line. Manager needs to make effective decision according to the market situation. Therefore, not everything...
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