Rights of a Child in the Ecce Setting

Topics: Childhood, Human rights, Law Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Rights of the child in the ECCE setting
Every child is born with fundamental human rights which are the rights to health care and education, the right to be treated equally, and the right to be protected from harm. Here is an explanation of the rights of the child in the ECCE setting. In the ECCE settings children have the right to experience environments which meet their own specific needs. High quality early childhood programmes do not separate care from education or education from care. They provide warm, caring and stimulating environments for children. Children are deeply involved in their own learning, supported by a knowledgeable, observant staff in an environment structured to drive exploration and discovery. In general, there is agreement about what children need to facilitate their all round growth and development: * A social environment that provides firs hand experiences to support their meaning making * Interaction with warm, responsive staff who scaffold their learning * Recognition of their development and cultural context

* Acknowledgement of their needs, interested and cultural strengths * Accommodation of their varying abilities
* Learning experiences that they find challenging
* Opportunity to explore, experiment and solve problems
* Opportunity to learn through making choices, being actively involved and reflecting on their experiences and actions * Experiences and materials that are meaningful, varied, open ended, real and reflect everyday life experiences * Experiences and materials that reflect inclusiveness and diversity I believe that from working as part of the ECCE setting that each child has the right to a childhood that is loving, secure and stimulating. The image we as practitioners have of children influences our relationships as well as the learning and teaching process. We no longer focus on what children cannot do or the capacities they don’t have, nor do we see childhood as a stage of becoming...
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