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Topics: United States Constitution, Supreme Court of the United States, High school Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: February 5, 2013
According to the First Admendment to the Constitution, citizens have the right to their freedom of speech. Because of this right, school districts should not be allowed to force a group of students from expressing themselves and what they believe in. Students should be able to protest peacefully, whether for or against, something because it is their legal right to do so. Referring back to the article "The supreme Court on 'Hazelwood': A Reversal on Regulation of Student Expression", it was stated that, "the court upheld the right ot three Des Moines high school students to wear black armbands as a peaceful symbol of opposition to the Vietnam War".Being that the school districts tried to force students from wearing black armbands to show that they were against War in Vietnam, shows their lack of their knowledge of the constitution. The court ruled in the students favor until 1988.

If a student wants to peacefully protest against or for something they have that right to do so. Whether it be school dress code, school lunch menu's, government ways, or even anything going on in the world that surrounds us, they have that right. One should not be made to hold back their thoughts if the topic is reasonable. It is their right to speak about whatever they may choose according to the consitution. Unless a student writes something that is harmful to another student or were to cause a riot their freedom of speech should be practiced in schools. In order to monitor freedom of speech in a fair an unbiased way, if an article written by a student is questionable then the article should be submitted to a panel which should have student, parent, and administrative representation to decide if it is acceptable or not.

However, if one is being disrespectful about voicing their opinion, then authority can take the upper hand in what may need to be the outcome. Even if you have the right to freedom of speech, it does not give you the right to be disruptive or cause...
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