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Topics: FedEx, Employment, Economics Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Ricky Moore
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FedEx Express buying out employees

FedEx Express, the worlds second largest package delivery company is cutting cost due to the slow economic. Fedex offering voluntary buyout for eligible U.S. employees. FedEx said those that newer employees and those who are close to retirement are also eligible for buyouts. FedEx hasn't said yet how many positions they've decided to buyout, but it will be more focus on slow-growth areas like its Express and Services units. The Express is still FedEx's biggest segment far, mainly know as FedEx's speedy shipping division. Ships about 3.5 million packages on an average day, has been hit hard because people are deciding to use slower delivery methods to save money. FedEx is know for being a internal company, meaning when a new poison opens up, they will hire someone who wants to move up poisons within it's company before they post a opening online or in some kind of app for the public. FedEx is a company where someone can start as a handle and one day become a CEO. With the slow economy FedEx is having these buy out witch effects people like me who are new to the company. A lump-some of money sounds good at first but what about my benefits and tuition assistance? I understand the buyout but I do not agree with it. I am planning on making my job at FedEx into a career, I am currently a package handler going to school to become a shift manager. The slow economy is effecting many people in many ways. Not only making it hard to find a job but also making it hard to keep one as well.
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