Revolution of Hospitality Industry

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1.0 Introduction
The term hospitality is derived from the French word hospice. A famous hospice was the Hospice du Beaune in Beaune, France. This was a long-term hospital support through the generosity of the wealthy. When people are traveling it is nice for businesses providing service and provides them with hospitality. (Crystal I. et. al., 2010) Hospitality industry consists of wide category of fields within service industry and travel industry. Service industry includes lodging, restaurant, event planning, theme park, transportation, cruise line and others. Hospitality means the act or practice of host that can make guest feel hospitable. For example, the receptionists give service to the hotel’s guests. The guests will feel hospitable with the receptionists’ services. For travel industry, when people are traveling it is nice for businesses providing service and provides them with hospitality. A revolution is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time. Revolutions have occurred through human history and vary widely in terms of methods, duration, and motivating ideology. Their results include major changes in culture, economy and social. (Lovelock C. et. al., 2011). Revolution in hospitality industry means the changes in hospitality industry from it exist which dates all the way back to the Colonial Period in the late 1700s. Things have changed quite a bit since that time because the hospitality industry has experienced significant development over the years as it has faced World Wars, The Depression and various social changes. The industry as we know it today began to take form in the early 1950s and 60s, leading the way for growth into the dynamic industry that we know today. Revolution in hospitality includes the system used, the design of the facilities, the varieties of services and others. Revolution happen because of the changes from years to years and usually, revolution happen to make the process of services become easier. The factors that make revolution in hospitality industry are government policies, social changes, business trends, advances in information technology and globalization.

2.0 Revolution in hospitality industry.

3.1 Registration of guests.

The first revolution can be seen in hospitality industry is the computerized system that they used to register the guests such as register the guests in hotels, restaurants, cruise and travel agency. In the past years, the traditional registration process has been done by using log book. The name, address, identity card number and other information will be written manually in the book. In information technology age, the registration is not done manually using log book anymore, but using technology which registered the guests using computerized system. For example, reservation and registration of hotels guest using computerized system such as OPERA system. The computerized system make the process become easier. By using log book, it takes time to search the date, write the information and others, but by using computerized system, it only takes a short time because by typing the information, it faster than writing. Computerized system also can save space. For example, by using log book, there must be a space to store and keep the books but by using computerized system, there is no space needed because all information can be store and keep in the computer. Other than that, computerized system is easy to manage than using traditional way which is write manually in log book. For example, guests who make reservation want to change his date of check in. By using log book, it takes time and difficult to manage because the clerk need to look and check one by one the guest’s name, date and other information. But, by using computerized system, it only takes a few second to change the guest’s check in date. The clerk only needs to type the guest’s name and change the date by one...
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