Cuban Revolution

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Revolution Project
The Cuba

By- Sara Kim


Revolution generally means a big change. We call something revolution when old thing gets replaced by new thing in wide range. Actually, term of revolution is very hard to define. It means big change in general form, but it essentially means more than a big change. And there is no specific boundary of ‘big’ so the term of revolution is very hard to define.

-Political Revolution
Political revolution is a change of government or a big change of politic system, and it’s mostly occurred with a revolt. There are many examples of political revolution which can be French revolution and Russian revolution. The revolution may take over a country or over whole world. There are many different types of revolution which are on the ones below -Cultural Revolution

Cultural revolution is mostly known as Chinese Cultural Revolution which happened during 1966-1976 by Mao Zedong. However, that’s a socialist movement of Mao to defeat his opponent. Cultural revolution is actually a change of culture. Cultural revolution is very hard to define because cultural revolution does not only happens with itself but with other types of revolution such as others in the box -Religious Revolution

Religious revolution is a change in a religion on change due to religion.
-Social Revolution
Social revolution happens when people starts to change their thoughts and change their way of living. Internet and digital stuffs brought social revolution. -Industrial Revolution
Industrial revolution changes economical system and cultural system as well. the most popular industrial revolution is a industrial revolution which started from England to others in 18th century.


Simple facts of Cuba

Cuba is an island country located on Caribbean. In fact, Cuba is actually located between Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. Cuba is the largest country on Caribbean. The blue colored island is Cuba. Population-

Cuba’s general population is over 11 million. Its capital is La Habana, and population is over 2million. Religion-
Catholicism 85%
110,860 km2
Natural resources-
Cuba’s natural resources are “cobalt, nickel, iron ore, chromium, copper, salt, timber, silica, petroleum, arable land” (CIA world fact). Simple history-
* Columbus found Cuba island in 1492
* Spanish colonized Cuba in 1511
* Achieve independence in 1898
Causes of Revolution?
After Columbus discovered Cuba, Spanish colonized and took every economically useful parts of Cuba. America was in fight with Spain, and they won the war. America helped Cuba to achieve its independence, but the main economic product, sugar cane was in America’s hand. As the result, Cuba’s economy was still controlled by America and Cuba was actually colony of America.

Cuba’s main industries were sugar, tour, and gamble. However, all these industries were under America’s control even Cuba was not colony anymore. Therefore, all Cuba’s economy was in domination of America. Hence, Cuba’s citizens had to live poor. In fact there were still wealthy Cubans who are mostly land owners or politician. In addition, there were loads of corruptions between the wealthy Cubans.

Wealthy & Poor-
The gap between Wealthy ones and Poor ones were too big in Cuba. Wealthy ones such as landowners had too much money and poor ones like peasants had too little money or none. The money was not spread equally. Privileged groups took as much as they want to have, but the non-privileged group could not gain any even though they work harder than the wealthy ones.

Despotic government-
Cuba’s government was a despotic government. It was lead by Fulgencio Batista y Zaldívar who was the dictator of Cuba before the revolution. While he was the dictator of Cuba, there were several corruptions in the government and no one was treated fairly.

Overall, the revolution was necessary in...
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