Revolts in the Philippines

Topics: Bohol, Philippines, Rebellion Pages: 6 (2111 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Name| Leader| Time and Year| Cause of Revolt| Result of Revolt| Comment| 1. Dagami Revolt| Chief Dagami| 1565 - 1566| re-establish the rights and powers that had traditionally belonged to tribal chiefs and Chinese traders. | The most important of those revolts led to the expulsion of a number of Chinese from the Philippines, but they were later allowed to return.| The revolt was unsuccessful because Chief Dagami was betrayed by Tupas| 2. Lakan Dula Revolt| Lakan Dula | 1574| Governor Guido de Lavezares , the successor of Governor Leagazpi after his death, removed the exemption of Lakan Dula and his relatives from the tribute and forced labor. This was greatly resented by Lakan Dula.| Lakan Dula was able to return the exemption granted by Legazpi to him and to his relatives. Governor Lavezares pardoned him and gave him gifts of silk and gold.| I think that the revolt is successful in a way that he was able get the exemption back for himself and for his relatives with additional incentive of silk and gold.| 3. Sulayman Revoltor War against the Spaniards| Rajah Sulayman| 1572 -1574| The ruler of Manila, Rajah Suliman, wages war against the Spaniards.| This resulted to an all out war against the Spaniards.| The Revolt failed, Sulayman Retreated| 4. Pampanga Revolt| Some Pampanga natives| 1585|  Caused by leaders who resented Spanish landowners, or encomenderos who had deprived them of their historical land inheritances as tribal chiefs.| The leaders of the revolt were arrested and summarily executed.| Failed Revolt| 5. Tondo Conspiracy| Agustin De Legazpi| 1587-1588|   The members of the group wants to revolt to regain freedom| The plan of revolt was aborted because there were spies who reported it to the Spanish authorities. The leaders were also arrested and executed while those implicated were banished to Mexico.| The revolt failed because of spies. There is a possibility that the leaders were not careful enough in the secrecy of their plan to revolt since spies were able to infiltrate the planning process.| 6. Revolts Against the Tribute| Ilocanos,  Ibanags and other Filipinos| 1589| alleged abuses by tax collectors, including the collection of unjust taxes.| The rebels were eventually pardoned and the Philippine tax system reformed.| The Revolt was a success| 7. Magalat Revolt| Magalat| 1596| Magalat raised revolt because of his disillusionment against against Spanish authorities.| Magalat’s revolt failed because he was assassinated.| The failure of Magalat's revolt showed how the Spaniards used Filipinos against Filipinos. The Spaniards were wise enough to hire a Filipino assassin to kill the leader of the revolt and use Filipino soldiers in defeating the forces of the rebels.| 8. Igorot Revolt| Igorots| 1601| The Igorot Revolt was a religious revolt in 1601 against Spanish attempts to Christianize the Igorot people of northern Luzon, in the Philippines. Governor-General Francisco de Tello de Guzmán sent Captain Aranda with Spanish and Filipino colonial troops. The Spaniards were determined to convert the Igorots to Christianity.| They launched a crusade to proselytize the highland natives of Luzon and to place them under Spanish Authorities. A strong expedition was sent to the Igorotland to stop the natives from resisting colonial subjugation. However, the Spaniards were only able to gain nominal political and military control over them.| The revolt was dispelled| 9. Chinese Rebellion| En Kang | 1603| This rebellion was caused by the abusive imposition of taxes to Chinese traders| Chinese rebellion failed and the leader’s head was put to public display.| I think that the degree of selfishness of the Spanish government was so severe that even Chinese were force to rebel against them. It’s a shame that no only Filipinos experienced their abuses but also other races.|...
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