Revlon for Men

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Case 3-6

Consumer Behavior: Revlon For Men? Ubersexuals and the changing male landscapes

Chenona D. Artis

Dr. Hossein Kamarei

February 9, 2012

Develop a marketing strategy for Revlon to enter the mens cosmetics market with a complete product line.
Revlon Inc. (Revlon) is one of the leading cosmetics companies in the world. The company along with its subsidiaries offer a wide range of products inclusive of skin care, bath and body, cosmetics, hair care, fragrance products and other related product for women ( In the U.S., net sales make up almost 60% of Revlon's consolidated net sales, most of which are generated in mass retail channel. The five largest countries in terms of volume of sales outside the U.S. are Canada, South Africa, Australia, the U.K. and Venezuela. Revlon beauty-care products are distributed via mass volume retailers, hypermarkets, supermarkets, drug stores, and specialty stores in the U.S. (

One of the ways that Revlon can continue to be a leader is to expand its offerings to the male population. There are three reasons males want to look good. First, they feel that their career will be enhanced and having the appearance of being attractive, appearing fit, and being energetic will enhance their career. Second, they want to be attractive for women. Especially middled-aged men who have gone through a divorce, these men tend to invest in "beauty enhancements". The final reason is that there is a combination of ego and competitiveness. Some men are more competitive than others and they compete to look good. Also looking good and being told they look good can be gratifying to the male ego (Hawkins & Mothersbaugh, 2010, p.460).

The mens product line would need to address all skin care and hair concerns without being overwhelming. Although men like to feel good and look good, they don't necessarily want to be overwhelmed with a lot of products or steps to achieve the look they desire. For example, the skin care line could consist of a mud soap that can be used for the face and body, a shaving cleanser and cream that reduces the risk of razor burn, a post-shave serum (aftershave) that heals the skin and prevents ingrown hair or razor bumps and finally a moisturizer that has an indoor and outdoor protective ingredient.

Currently, Revlon has Halle Berry as their spokeswoman for Revlon cosmetics and you will often see a commercial on your television with her talking about the latest lipstick or make-up foundation. The same concept for men could be used but use male figures such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Michael Jordan to advertise in mens magazine's such as GQ, Sport Illustrated and Cigar Aficionado. These magazine's are most commonly read by men from different backgrounds and ages. Since Revlon is sold in most drug stores and retailers such as Walgreens, CVS, Target and Walmart, the price point of the men product line would stay relatively consistent across the board. For example, the mud soap would cost $15 because it includes natural ingredients that will detoxify the face and body. Also we do not want to make the price to low because then the product would be perceived as having low quality.

To maintain its competitive advantage within the marketplace Revlon would need to continue to take the following measures to ensure that mens product line is successful: (1) develop a high-quality men's product line with innovative ingredients and attractive packaging; (2) inform male consumers of the benefits of using the Revlon's Men's line; (3) anticipate and respond to changing consumer demand in due time, including the proper timing of new product launches and line extensions; (4) offer products with attractive prices based on the product benefits; (5) prepare and implement advertising, marketing and promotion programs; (6) obtain sufficient retail floor space, optimal in-store positioning and advantageous presentation of brand products at...
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