Review: Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

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  • Published : August 23, 2012
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These lines are taken from the Robert Frost’s famous poem ‘Stopping By Woods On A Snowing Evening’. Collectively, postmodern society has bumbled its way into a seriously secular mentality. It is a mindset that obscures the reality and meaning of the creation we behold every day. That mindset rejects and vilifies the truth that a creation demands a Creator. And that in spite of the fact that the study of the sciences reveals consistent, artful symmetry and similarity at all levels of nature. Trees look like trees with magnificent variation of leaf and twig—yet are obviously crafted by the same creative Artist. Birds all have wings and plumage of such remarkably similar structure. Quadrupeds the world over are "quadrupedal" walking and running on all fours. Even the apex of God's creation mankind reflects the gentle hand of the same artistic Creator in all aspects of our bodies and minds. Sadly, it's for the same reason that we stumble over the divine laws of God that challenge our desires. Naturally, we don't enjoy following all of God's instructions. We want to do what we want and not feel guilty. This is particularly true, for some reason, for sexual actions contrary to God's teachings. Even without knowing the details of God's law, people often feel guilt deep down inside for wrong behavior. Their own experiences teach them that unrestrained self indulgence is harmful. Sadly, our thinking has been twisted more than we realize. We are influenced by "the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient" that is, the devil. If we don't like the message, our human nature leads us to attack the messenger. One way we do this is by ignoring or denying our Creator, thereby justifying rejecting His laws that condemn our lustful longings and behaviors. His description of the normal tendency to ignore God's teachings with a comprehensive list of depraved behaviors that mindset or spirit produces....
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