Review on the Truman Show

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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“Uniqueness beyond imagination”
A review on
The Truman show
Like a shiny moon in the night sky indifferent from the sparkling stars, the Truman show is a movie of that sort which has stood distinct from the rest of the Hollywood movies of that time which reckon on the eye stunning graphics, action, super heroes, sequels and such fancy sort. Invoking many positive responses from a wide range of audience, it remained one of the all-time hits in the Hollywood history. It remained my favourite movie ever since I heard of it. Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey), to his knowledge, is just a simple insurance agent who is bored of his life and an explorer by his dreams. But in reality, he is a star of “the Truman show”, a most popular television premiere which ran almost for 35 years all throughout the days and nights gathering millions of audience across the world. Everyone in this show is an actor with the exception of Truman. The main concept of this show is to capture a life time videography of this person and his reaction to different situations that arise as a result of the director of this show, Christof (Ed Harris). As the series of events get unfolded in the movie, sparks of suspicion arises in the mind of Truman due to the strange events around, who finally realises that he is under someone’s vision. And the director’s moves to clear Truman’s uncertainties with the help of Truman’s best friend Marlon and his wife Meryl works out only for a while, but finally Truman understands the reality and the escapes from the world of cameras in to the real world. The climax of the movie is its highlight with Truman escaping from the custodial zoo to lead an independent life in the world. The very thought of such a script for this movie is really an innovative, astounding and an amazing one. Though the story may seem to be partially unbelievable, but the direction was done in a most appropriate manner that justifies the audience’s thoughts and feelings. It was systematically...
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